Connecticut Daffodil Show

The Connecticut Daffodil Show at the Christ Church Greenwich, CT had it’s judging on April 26th, 2023.  It was a great show, and I thank Gaby Hall for our outstanding reception and the success of the show.  I took some pictures.

I’m going to start with the Best Intermediate Collection of 5 stems exhibited by Dianna Bowdich.  This collection not only won the 5 stems, but the best intermediate, the Gold Ribbon and the Purple Ribbon.

Back left: Curley Lace 11aY-Y, Uncle Bob 2YYW-WWP, My Sweetheart 3W-YRR; front row left; Bantam 2Y-YOO, Scarlet Tanager 2Y-R

The Gold Ribbon and the Best intermediate ribbon in the show was the same, My Sweetheart 3W-YRR exhibited by Dianna Bowdich.

The Rose Ribbon was seedling 12-65 3W-Y Top of the Hill X Spindletop, exhibited by Clay & Fran Higgins

The Historic Ribbon was Dreamlight 3W-GWR 1934 exhibited by Laura Aronstein

The White Ribbon was Dainty Miss 7W-GWW exhibited by Christopher Hurley.

Best Classic single stem was Tracey 6W-W exhibited by Cosby George.

Best Youth was Cheerfulness 4W-Y exhibited by GA Yearlings.

The Red-White-Blue Ribbon was exhibited by Sally Palock

Back left: Pacific Rim 2Y-YYR Mitsch, Rose Lake 2W-P Mitsch/Havens, Berceuse 2W-P Mitsch; Front Left, Unknown Poet 9W-GYR Havens, Angel Eyes 9w-GYO Mitsch.

The mini rose Ribbon was Seedling 18-21 10Y-Y N. bulbocodium X Kiera Bulbs white seedling exhibited by Clay & Fran Higgins

The mini White Ribbon was Shaw’s Gift 9W-GYR exhibited by Diana Bowdich.

The mini Gold was N. poeticus var hellicuicus 13 from the Watrous Collection. Sorry, I lost the picture on this one and the exhibiter.



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  1. Nice photos, Clay! Thanks for taking and posting them. It was a beautiful show and it was good to see you and Fran, Nancy Mott, and other new and old daffy friends. I took a few photos during staging and only got one snap of the show table at the front of the room before I had to catch the train back to NYC. I would liked to have had time to see the show and the designs!


  2. Nice of you to post pictures of the real show. That is, people staging for
    the show. I always miss that part because I’m one of those staging. I like
    those pictures.

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