Ben Blake, California

Announcing a new version of DaffSeek.

September 2, 2015


Today, we switched daffseek to our new version 3. It improves the organization of the query menus and also has better support for mobile devices. Daffseek is a daffodil database with information on about 32,000 daffodils and over 30,000 photos. It is available at

The images show what desktop screens would look like for a query for a flower name “dream”. You see the main query screen where you can enter a partial flower name or select an exact name from a drop down list that appears as you type in a name.

If you enter a name that has multiple matches, you will see a “list page” that enables you to select more precisely. The “list-page” also gives you a way to view a set of query matches and enables you to sort the list by column title and to produce a pdf report of any query.

Once you select an exact flower name, you will see a “Detail Page” just for that daffodil. Like the previous version of DaffSeek, you will see a complete set of photo thumbnails at the bottom of the “Detail Page” when the current flower has any photos. The new DaffSeek version displays larger flower photos differently than before. Now if you click on any thumbnail, DaffSeek automatically displays a zoomed large photo for that particular thumbnail. This also starts the slide-show process
so once you see a zoomed photo, you can mouse click the right or left side of the zoomed photo to see the next ones. You can also do this using your keyboard right and left arrow keys or for tablets or phones, swipe to move between photos.


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