Author: Leone Low, Ohio

daffodil seeds

I have some OP seeds if some newer hybridizers want to try them. Two envelopes may lead to 2 Y-O’s, 2 to reverses, one to Y-Y’s, and one envelope has lots of seeds from the lovely poet ‘Webster’. I don’t…

This morning…

The first mini seedling leaves peeked through!  They weren’t there yesterday. Leone Low —–Original Message—– From: Donna Dietsch < Cc: American Daffodil Society List Server <> Cc: “American Daffodil Society List Server” <

N. serotinus seeds

Two N. serotinus (selfed) pods just opened.  It is a tender, fall-blooming miniature daffodil.  The seeds will be mailed to the first person who requests them. Leone Low

daffodil seedling

Congratulations to Mary Lou and to Larry on this lovely bloom.  Leone Low —–Original Message—– From: Larry Force <> Cc: American Daffodil Society List Server <

Hummingbird, etc.

Appologies to Hummingbird members and others.  I just sent a Hummingbird under the (no subject) heading.  Actually, some readers may think that is appropriate. A mutual friend has been in contact with Bill Newill, Peg’s husband, recently.  Peg is still…