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Hot Water Treatment – HWT

June 10, 2013

I thought I’d repost an email I got from Bob Spotts on Hot Water Treating The only question I still have is should I do the hot water treating just…

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Time to harvest seeds in Washington

The pods that I pollenated April 1 are ready to pick after 8 weeks.  Some pods are starting to turn brown others are still green but most of the seeds…

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It’s time to collect Seeds. Any body know much about Crocus seeds?

  As pollen dauber you just can’t stop with daffodils.  Last year some crocus sent up ghostly white growth that I let mature and collected a hand full of pink…

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Storing seeds – so they can be kept separated

It’s that time of year.  Collecting seed pods and trying to get them to dry a bit  so they do not mold and keep them separated from other crosses.  What do…

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Digging bulbs? How many dig and transplant every year?

I’ve been growing Daffodils for years but generally dig and replant when they get too crowded.  ~10 years.  It’s a lot of work. I’m finding more people who show, and…

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5W-Y/W-P Can we update the color code convention?

Many Daffodils open with one color code and change into another color code.  I’ve got a beautiful Katie Heath that clearly opens 5W-Y and then turns a nice 5W-P.  With multiple…

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