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ADS Ebay Auction

The 2nd installment of the ADS Ebay Auction is up and running.  Go out to Ebay and search for ADS 2020 Fall Auction and you should see lots of interesting…

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ADS Bulb Auction – Mount Adams

September 14, 2020

Note that the collection of 3 white daffodils has a bulb of Mount Adams!

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Throckmorton bulbs

I have bulbs of several Throckmorton varieties to share.  If anyone has a particular interest in his varieties, let me know and I’ll send you the list of the ones…

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Digging and storing tips

It’s digging season here in West Virginia.  What’s your most valuable tips for digging, processing, storing and keeping things sorted? To get started, my biggest discovery is shade!  I use…

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Australian fires

Any idea if daff folks are affected by the catastrophic fires?

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A Gower question

Here’s a question for (probably) the New Zealand contingent.  I got Janet Gower, 2 Y-P, from Jason Delaney this year.  It is supposedly an unregistered Bell bulb that John Reed…

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