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Non-daffodil – just for Columbus folks

September 17, 2011

Going to be spending winter in London, which is great, especially since they’re putting me up within walking distance of most things. The office I’ll be working in is “smart…

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Crows as game birds

made me smile.  Dad shot a crow so we could understand the phrase “eat crow” but my mom is particularly fond of them and was furious.  When she was handed…

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Mini Gold: “Exit” Beverly Barbour

This is gorgeous and was new to me.  Is it sold commercially anywhere? Thanks, Kathleen Simpson (with lust in my heart) —-

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Photography and Mini Rose: N. Bulbocodium O.P.

Nancy – what a sweet thing!  It’s so smooth and appealing.  How does it grow? Thanks again to Tom for his hard and skilled work.  If I haven’t been to…

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York Minster/Copper Queen

Brent and Becky’s has York Minster (1Y-YOO, Lea, 91) and Copper Queen (3O-R, Duncan, 2007) for really reasonable prices.  Anybody have an opinion of them for show? Kathleen

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keeping blooms

I’ve got a couple of mini’s that I want to show next weekend.  They’re in pots, currently in a sunny raised bed, and I think will be well past prime…

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