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Van Bourgondien Bulbs files for Chapter 11

The Old House Gardens newsletter reported that the Van Bourgondien family, which has been growing and selling flower bulbs for over a century, filed for Chapter 11 protection on January…

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today in Ohio

N. x koshinomurae is blooming today. This has been grown in a pot and protected, not in the open. It’s a cross of N. fernandesii and N. panizzianus, and it…

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In Ohio this morning

A little snow greeted us this morning, but as you can see in the photo of ‘Little Gem’, it’s already melting off. Going to get up to 60F tomorrow. Mary…

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blooming outside

Today ‘Heidi’s Sister’ is in bloom here in Ohio. There’s another bud to come. This is the first year I’ve had it, so I don’t know if the petals will…

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blooming today in Ohio

This nice tazetta is flowering here in a pot. It’s originally from France, and may be N. patulus. N. x incurvicervicus has been in bloom for awhile. It’s a cross…

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blooming in Ohio, in a pot

February 28, 2012

Friends, This little seedling is a cross of N. jonquilla x N.scaberulus. This is the third year it has bloomed, and there are 4 bloom stems. From the looks of…

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