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Feedback on New Introductions

For those of us who are mostly gardeners and don’t breed or show their daffodils, I’m wondering if feedback on geographical locations and increase/decline of specific introductions might be of…

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Amaryllis belladonna

The naked ladies I know in the United States are Lycoris squamigera; in the Amaryllidaceae family, but not the genus Amaryllis. According to Scott Ogden in his book, “Garden Bulbs for…

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Fw: New Zealand Monarchs WAS Monarch Butterfly Larvae.

There is a New Zealand Monarch website at: It includes this article; if you start at page 3 it gives a lot of history about Monarchs in NZ:…

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Daffodil companion plants

January 29, 2011

As one whose interest is in gardening with daffs, rather than breeding or showing, I was thrilled to see this list of companion plants: Enjoy! Debbie in western NC

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Daffodils in poetry

Thought many would enjoy this info on Garrison Keillor’s “Writer’s Almanac” about Wordsworth’s inspiration for “I Wander’d Lonely as a Cloud,” his famous daffodil poem: It was on this day in…

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Pink in the garden

I know many of you are running full-tilt with shows, etc., but I have a question about growing pink daffodils, which many find disappointing as garden flowers. I remember Brent…

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