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Narcissus – A guide to wild Daffodils

All, I have a friend who has been seeking a copy of John Blanchard’s excellent book (as listed under subject).which is now out of print. Does anyone have a spare…

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Comcast users

Occasionally I get messages from people using as server. I am unable to respond as Comcast has blocked out my small local server as a spam sender or…

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Rain, Rain & more rain

Harold, I’d love to send you back some of our rain – it mostly seems to come from the West! These pictures show another reason why I’d like a lot…

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Omagh golf Course to-day from different spots.

Hi all, Some of you have been basking in 70 degree heat – we’ve be under spilling clouds with overspilling rivers throughout Ireland – North and South – sadly with…

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hummers (apologies to those that don’t like off topicposts)

Jaydee, What a lovely story – and told only as you can do! Brian  

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Teaser – not any more!

September 6, 2011

  Thanks to those who responded to my teaser pics. This picture reveals all. This was one of the most attractive and spectacular flowers I saw on my last visit…

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