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This is ‘Cosine’ – bred from Diversity x Trigonometry, New to Ringhaddy catalogue this year. Amazingly for a Div.11 there was not a single nick in any of the petals…

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Amazing massificodium

   If Harold can coin Microcodium then why not Massificodium?     The pictures show an amazing bulbocodium from Northern spain that grows to 3 feet tall. First found and…

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Fascinatin’ Fasciation

For the second year this bulb produced this peculiar flat stem in attempting to make 5-6 blooms. It is from a bed of N. asturiensis x N. cyclamineus seedlings –…

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Breezand again

I was greatly impressed with the tremendous range of colours in the Zantedescias on display – including what must be just about the blackest flowers in existance. Breeders have made…

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Breezand Lentetuin

We have all enjoyed Kirby’s wonderful pictures from Livermore. At the same time a very different kind of Flower show was taking place in Breezand, Holland. These first pics. are…

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Flowering to-day

February 28, 2012

N. scaberulus showing the characteristic ‘cup wider than it is long’ but a rather narrow petal form. The N. asturiensis x N. cyclamineus cross is very prolific, each plant is…

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