Author: Ben Zonneveld, the Netherlands


INBRREEDING There is some misunderstanding about inbreeding Most diploid organism have so called bad or even lethal genes As long as these are complemented by a good gene ( are in a heterozygous condition)  there is nothing wrong ( usually…

DnA content of all species of narcissi..

Hello Daffodil enthusiast For those interested; The following link contains a paper on all species of narcissi .Happy reading. (Thanks Nancy) Ben J.M.Zonneveld Nationaal Herbarium Nederland POBox 9514 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands telf 071 5274738 E-mail:


Here ( The Netherlands) Narcissi are sold in two kinds: those with leaves that have longer scapes and fetch prices twice as high ( 2-3 Euro the 10) and those without leaves. These are shorter and sold for half the…