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Looking at pollen

December 18, 2008

  Hello Theo A most interesting survey of pollen fertility in narcissus hybrids .I like to make two remarks. 1. From several wild narcissi tetraploids are available (Zonneveld (2008) Pl…

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calcicola x cantabricus

Hi Brian I suppose that the result of the cross N. calcicola with a nuclear DNA content of 26.6 pg and cantabricus with 14.5 pg will be sterile. Even when…

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  It is a bit late but I can add some new info to Kokopelli I visited Hein Meeuwissen and did take some leaves with me to check the nuclear…

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pics of lback spots

  THanks for the black spot pictures. I did not realize many had them ( what percentage roughly from the large daffodils?) One can now wonder what character is connected with…

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black spotted anthers.

  I did not realize your season is nearly over. Here in holland were are halfway. Anyway I should have realized it earlier but I looked at the latest round…

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black spot on anthers

Dear Daffodil lovers . Let see what power the internet has. I am looking for the following:Could you check of you have any trumpet daffodil with a black spot at…

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