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N. assoanus

One more from last weekend, a species, N. assoanus. It’s hard to shoot these small flowers! I’m sure my neighbors wonder what I’m up to crawling around on the ground!…

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Link 283

Another miniature, Link 283. Becky

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Grandma’s Sweetheart

Another cute miniature, Grandma’s Sweetheart, hybridized by Eileen Frey. Becky

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This was taken last Sunday, March 2. It’s a cute little Glenbrook flower called Nanty. I’ll send a few more from that same day. We’re getting a good rain and…

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Miss Muffit

February 20, 2008

This cheery little bunch of Miss Muffit has has been open over a week, surviving 2 rainstorms, high winds, and a couple of freezing nights. One frosty morning the stems…

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Printing daffodil labels

Yes, and if you include on your spreadsheet a column for Planting Date (Year) and Source, you can sort the data by those and have all the labels for the…

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