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Winchester KY Daffodil Show

Thanks to the organizers of the new Winchester Kentucky daffodil show, Michael and Lisa Kuduk, and to the show chairman Jim Wilson! This high school cafeteria is a perfect venue…

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Middle TN Daffodil Society Show Awards

Gold Ribbon winner 'Phil's Gift' exhibited by Jeff and Jennifer Harvey

The 2015 Middle TN Daffodil Society Show was held at Cheekwood Botanic Garden in Nashville, TN on March 21 and 22. There were 17 exhibitors, 161 entries and 27 stems.…

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Judges School III Nashville

We had a great turnout for Judges School III in Nashville last Friday, March 20 hosted by the Middle Tennessee Daffodil Society. Instructors were Carolyn Hawkins, Tom Stettner and Michael…

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Appropriate quotes for judges

I have written down a couple of quotes I have heard regarding daffodil judging and was searching with no success to see if I could find the original quotes.…

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People at the Southern Regional Show 3/14/2015

Photos of people at the Southern Regional Daffodil Show sponsored by the MS Daffodil Society and held in Clinton, MS last Saturday. It was a very nice show!

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Southern Regional Daffodil Show 3/14/2015

Harry Tuggle, Jr. Award

The Southern Regional Daffodil Show hosted by the Mississippi Daffodil Society was held in Clinton, MS last Saturday and had 13 exhibitors, 218 entries and 429 stems. Ted Snazelle was…

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