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results 1, 4 Y-O ‘Ballistic’

September 4, 2009

Dear John and All, In addition to size, colour, and looking you proudly in the eye, it is very concentric. Be

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Solace for the end of the Daffodil season

Dear All, Hope DSCN2045 gets named and introduced. It is especially beautiful. For me it isn’t over! The last double poeticus is past its prime, and maybe you could say…

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Dear All, Not only was this the best flowering year yet; more Daffodils are setting seed than ever before. Do some doubles sometimes produce seed? Is ‘Elixir’ one of them?…

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Dear Derrick and All, What a splendid color on D2487. Hope Brian decides to introduce it. My up front ulterior motive: I want it! It raises a question I’ve asked…

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Please identify this Daff

Dear Jackie, Well, it sort of looks like ‘Topkapi’, but I should warn you of the astounding height, breadth, and depth of my ignorance. We should both be happy that…

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N ‘Bookmark’

Dear John and Linda, Thank you very much. Sure looks like my plants. Tom Tindall gave me a bulb about 15 to 20 years ago. “Horrible color combination”: I used…

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