Clay Higgins, North Carolina

Bulbs for Fall Planting

September 8, 2017

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Hi Guys,

I know I owe bulbs to Mary Lou, Suzy and one other that asked me for N. assoanus that I dug this spring.

I want to make a deal with some of the daffodil societies out there, maybe the new one in Louisiana included, and I’ve already reserved some for WDS.  I don’t want to make a lot of small shipments, but after I give Mitch & Kate the bulbs they are selling for me, I will have a lot of standard seedling left over.

These are good seedlings that I have used in my showing program, successfully by the way.  I have not been able to finish my assessment on them, but I don’t have room to plant them all back.  For some reason my 2006 seedling have survived better than any other year and a lot of them are really good, and 🙂 really a lot of them. I had a collection of five of my Red/Orange seedling come in second to the Purple ribbon collection and there had to be more than one vote to decide.  So these are good ones.  Maybe not the Gold ribbon, but they win their share of blues.

If a daffodil society would like to take some of my standard seedling, get together and let me know and I will send you a bunch of them to the central source for that society.  All I ask is the postage be paid.  I will ship toward the end of September or the first couple of weeks in October.  Considering that Irma doesn’t upset the “apple cart” too much over the next few days.  Let me know please.



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2 Responses to Bulbs for Fall Planting

  1. Clay Higgins, North Carolina
    Clay Higgins, North Carolina
    September 9, 2017 at 6:16 am


    My email to you bounced in reply to this post.  However, I did receive the email and will respond accordingly.


  2. Suzy Wert, Indiana
    September 9, 2017 at 9:48 am

    Okay. I just heard from Sara, and she says we also have room for any extras at our field at Libby Frey’s place – this is beyond what we would offer to our members this year in case you have a boatload. Sara gets over there many times a season, and she has a keen judge’s eye. You might contact her to be your selection person for the ones you aren’t quite sure whether to keep or get rid of… Just say’n.