Clay Higgins, North Carolina

Bulbucodium N. cantabricus subsp luteolentus

June 9, 2017

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I dug a large clump of N. cantabricus subsp luteolentus.  It’s a species bulbocodium 13Y-Y.  I must have had 100 to 150 bulbs in the clump.  Can someone tell me about N. luteolentus?  I have been growing it for years from seed that was sent to me by someone in England, I think.  I have so many that I’m thinking about giving most of them away this fall.  I don’t need that many bulbs of this variety.



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2 Responses to Bulbucodium N. cantabricus subsp luteolentus

  1. Theo Sanders, Germany
    Theo Sanders, Germany
    June 11, 2017 at 9:52 am


    Hello Clay,

    These are two types of N. cantabricus luteolentus. Normally  they grow with one bulb or make clumps up to five bulbs in Spain. I cultivate it in the greenhouse and have problems to keep it for a longer time.


  2. Clay Higgins, North Carolina
    Clay Higgins, North Carolina
    June 11, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    Thanks Theo,

    My N. cantabricus subsp luteolentus looks more like the yellow version. I grow it in the open but protected by a solid wooden fence.  I’ve had it for over 15 years so it is a good keeper.  I had so many bulbs after being down for two years that the under bulbs were pushing the top bulbs out of the ground.  Sort of like what ‘Tete-e-Tete’ will do.


    I have never tried to use it as pollen or seed.  Not sure of it’s fertility.