Information and photos of wild narcissus species.

N. lagoi

The first pseudonarcissus species for the season is tiny N. lagoi.    Put into a head of frost bitten Gramonella gives a better idea of its scale. One of the…

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Dave We have bulbs of what is labelled N. zaianicus var. albidus flowering at the moment. The seed was from Michael Salmon seed. The flowers are very large. Around 40-45mm.

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Hi Dave, I can’t help you much. I have old photos and no expertise. My photos that include the name ‘zaianicus’ don’t appear to be consistent. They have all been…

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Flowering in Canberra

As indicated in my previous post, a lot of time has been spent hybridising with the aim of producing miniatures with improved perianths. The aim is to produce miniatures that…

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Miniatures and intermediates flowering in Canberra

Keira Bulbs has quite a few nice miniatures and a small number of intermediates flowering at the moment. They would be described as very very early flowering. We have had…

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N zaianicus

July 28, 2015

Tonight I wanted to check the correct identity of what I grow as N romieuxii var albidus var zaianicus. There are three photos on Daffseek. Allowing for variation of the species…

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