About planting daffodils in pots.

Bulbs in pots

Hello, I am a new member. I purchased many pots of narcissus, in active growth and flowering, at a bulb sale of bulbs used in a bulb show in March.…

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4 pictures for you impulse buying .

Hi  Daffnetters  ,   Winter  is  with  us  now  in  N Z  and  growth  is  slow  .. A  mix  of  daffs for  market  —  only very  small  lines  of  erlicheer,…

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Digging Bulbs

Daffnet, I started this chain a while ago and I want to thank everyone that supplied information.  It was all good information that can be used, and I do appreciate…

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3 pictures for you– more Autumn

  Bill has a  great line of 8 y – 0 Autumn  Colours  tazettas. Diane and Peter had a few of these flowering about a month ago —  early autumn…

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4 pictures for you — mothers day

Hi  Daffnetters , It  was  Mothers  Day  in  New  Zealand  last  Sunday  , — May  9  .. Always  a  big  gift  day  ,  our  N  Z  retailers  association  telling  us  the …

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Christmas Tree at Southport

April 19, 2010

 You will have seen the Christmas Tree built using pots of Tahiti that was pictured on the back cover of the December Journal. This year it was built with pots…

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