Contains information and advice about hybridizing as well as photos of seedlings.

Autumn 17#5

Bulbocodium season has now started. The first of the viridiflorus hybrids has just finished which means it has lasted over 2 weeks.               A…

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Surprise Blue Ribbon

I was sent a picture today from the Chambersburg, PA Daffodil show (a couple weeks ago) of my seedling #11-35 that I had given up on.  It’s a jonquil (cordubensis)…

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Autumn 17#4

Hi Christiaan, I am delighted by your seedlings, particularly if they are happy in your impossible conditions. The season progresses here with the first viridiflorus hybrid flowering. Bill Welch’s earliest…

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VDS Show Richmond at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Second Page. VDS Show In Richmond Best Intermediate ‘Bonnie’s Jewell’ 2Y-YOO exhibited by Glenna Graves Best Youth Bloom ‘Tripartite’ 11aY-Y exhibited by Ryan Potter Best Small Grower ‘Hawera’ 5Y-Y exhibited…

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5W-W Unknown

Hi, I found this in bloom in my seedling beds.  It’s a first time bloom.  I have been using an NTT ( N. triandrus Triandrus), and its Cousin another NTT…

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Oregon Daffodil Society Show, Albany, Oregon 2017 Miniature Winners

March 27, 2017

Best 3 Stems of a single Miniature (Miniature White Ribbon) V06-15-9 = [(Snook x Tanagra) x Riundita] x N. cordubensis. Hybridized and Exhibited by Steve Vinisky Miniature Red, White, and Blue…

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