Discussion by daffodil hybridzers around the world, about daffodil fertility and breeding programs accompanied with many photos of seedlings.

VDS Show Richmond VA

Hi We had a nice daffodil show at the Lewis Ginter Garden on Saturday March 31 and Sunday April 1.  The Judging was done on March 31.  There were 920…

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A warm congratulations to Harold Koopowitz on being awarded the Peter Barr Memorial Cup. Thanks to everyone posting photos. The season is well under way here with a variety of…

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seedling Color Codes

It did my heart good to see that Ice Follies 2W-W has off-spring that has Y and O in the color code.  I was laughed at  in the GCV show…

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Gloucester Daffodil Show Sat March 24th

Hi, My last post said I was going to the Gloucester, VA show with little to show.  That was today.  Never listen to me when I say I have nothing…

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Weather Report for East Coast of NC

It looks like I have become the weather reporter for the east coast in 2018. We are facing our 4th storm today and tomorrow.  It has left my daffodils devastated…

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Autumn Flowers

The season has begun here in Canberra with some seedlings with First Stanza in their parentage. And a few days later (11th here) some seedlings with Gold Stanza as pollen…

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