Helen Update

June 2, 2017

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Per Helen’s wishes there will not be any obituary. She said “If they need to print something they can say, SHE CAME AND WENT”. I will be preparing something for the Joural.

Since Helen was so active with all the Garden Societies, and as I explained to her neice Joyce Wilson, many will want to make Memorial Gifts, even if Helen did not want them.  You should feel free to a card to;

Joyce Wilson, 781 White St. Scottsburg, IN, 47170,  she see that her sister Emogene and others see the cards. Helen’s Church is Bethel Baptist Church of Leota, 3816 W. Leota Rd., Scottsburg IN,  47170 She was very active with the church. Free free to send to ADS and any other Garden Societies you may know Helen was active in.


Her familyis honoring Helen’s wish to donate her body to Medical Research and Indiana University Medical School, after which they will Cremate her remains, which will be retruned to the family.

Helen will always remember your generosity of friendship, time and knowledge.

Love & Peace



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