How to Create a Comment

Membership in

You must be a member of in order to create Comments and you may join by hovering your  mouse over the “Login” on the green menu bar, and click on “Register” to display the Registration page.  Complete the form and click on “Register”.  The registration process requires your name and verifiable email address and approval by a Administrator.

Comments are simpler than Posts, always apply to Posts, and normally do not include photos or other media.  We do have many comments, which we imported from outside of, that do have photos and any member experienced in HTML can include photos.

That said, we recommend you use comments as a simple way to respond to other members’ posts.  You can also create your own Post if you need to include photos or other media.

Step 1

View an existing Post by another member or even yourself.

Step 2

Enter your comment by typing text into the box below the “Please enter your comments here: ” label and the gray title bar, which has one row of icons and the tabs “Visual” and “HTML”. Many of you will prefer to use the “Visual” editing tab which has a simple set of text formatting buttons similar to an email program. Occasionally you may want more exact control of your editing and will find the HTML tab would help.

Step 3

When you are satisfied with creating your comment, submit it to by mouse-clicking the “Post Comment” button below the comment box.