Clay Higgins, North Carolina

More Barco Show March 2016

June 1, 2016

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Best Classic Single Stem was Ave 2W-W 1942 won by Jim Taylor.Best classic single stem ave 2w wBest Classic Three stem was Lunar Sea 1Y-Y 1954 by Nancy Fuchs.Best classic 3 stems lunar sea 1y wBest intermediate was Mighty Mite 1YYG-Y exhibited by Janet Hichman.  Best intermediate 3 stems was Skilliwidden 2Y-Y but I have no picture of this on. Higgins.  Best classic bloom was Estrelle 3W-YYR 1956 exhibited by Janet Hickman.  Again no picture.

Best youth Collection of 5 was exhibited by Ryan Potter:   in no particular order. 1/ Geometrics 2W-Y  2/Falconet 8y-R  3/Sulphur Monarch 2Y-Y 4/Golden Echo 7W-Y 5/Avalanche 8W-Y

Youth collection of five

Purple ribbon was won by Richard Ezell as the all Yellow Collection:  1. Lackawanna 2Y-Y. 2. Seedling #07-067 Graham Miller 2Y-Y. 3. Director’s Cut 2Y-Y.  4.Frontier Halo 2Y-Y. 5. Sunline 2Y-Y.Best collection of 5 purple ribbonThe Historic Collection of 5 was won my Janet Hickman.  No picture is available.  The Red White and Blue ribbon was won by the Higgins with an all seedling collection.  Sorry no picture was available.


More to come.


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