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More on division six fertility

November 15, 2013

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Lawrence and all, I enjoyed your post on division six fertility. Some very nice seedlings. I have tried several times to set seed on Rapture and so far have failed. Usually it’s pretty cold when it blooms here perhaps this has something to do with the failures. Don’t believe it is pod fertile. Wondered if anyone else has had success getting seed. It has never open pollenated here.

The following division sixes are some that I believe that could be tetraploids as I have set plenty of seed from them, both pod and pollen. Crosses between them also.

Arrowhead 6y-r and Stonybrook 6w-yyp from the Havens. Especially Arrowhead, more fertile than most rabbits, has produced lots of seed putting tetraploids or diploids on it. Probably more using tetraploids. Pollen fertile also.

Red Socks 6y-r from the late Max Hamilton, both pod and pollen fertile.

Katrina Rea 6w-woo and Sugar Rose 6w-gwp from John Pearson, pod and pollen fertile. Foundling is in their parentage.

Perhaps Saint Louie Louie 6w-o from Gary Knehans, have set seed on it. Have not used it’s pollen but it has self pollenated.

The next group I have gotten at least some seed as a pod parent most are probably triploids.

Buchanan 6w-gww from John Reed, Flint Arrow 6y-r, Vineland 6y-y and Proficient 6w-w from the Havens, Affiance 6y-r from Glenbrook  also Jenny6w-w, Beryl 6w-yyo and Tracy.

The following is a seedling from Stony Brook 6w-yyp x cyclamineus. Was expecting maybe whites or yellows with pink in the corona. Most all were white with pink in the corona. One small solid white. One small white with a solid orange corona. These two have not been fertile.  This one was a suprise, don’t know where the color came from. Was fully fertile both pod and pollen. Alas, it has since gone to the daffodil garden in the sky. Guess I worked the poor thing to death. I set seed on it every time it bloomed. Perhaps all is not lost, have lots of seedlings in the wings from it, both pod and pollen.

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Larry in Southaven MS


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One Response to More on division six fertility

  1. Lawrence Trevanion, Australia
    Lawrence Trevanion, Australia
    November 15, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    Thanks Larry,

    That is a great list. The lost seedling is a stunner. Sounds like you are achieving great things.