Theo Sanders, Germany

N. cavanillesii x Emerald Sea

November 3, 2014

Categories: Autumn Blooming Daffodils, Daffodil Types, Fertility, Hybridizing

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N. cavanillesii x emerald sea  N. cavanillesii x emerald sea  N. cavanillesii x emerald sea

This is  a five years old seedling of N. cavanillesii x Emerald Sea flowering for the first time. After opening the flower is yellow, later the colour  changes to white yellow. The plant has  two chromosome sets from N. cavanillesii, one from N. viridiflorus, and one from Sea Dream, a 3W-GWW. This type with two chromosome sets of the same kind and two different should be infertile. But in this group often some pollen fertility can be found as for example for many clones of N. x alleniae. The fertility of the seedling is about 20 %. The pollen grains have about half the volume of cavanillesii pollen grains and should therfore contain one chromosome set of N. cavanillesii,  which has two sets within the pollen. This is not really exiting for crosses, but perhaps these pollen have the chance to be successful where the pollen of N. cavanillesii fails to generate an embryo. The sister seedlings to come can be infertile or some pollen sprout and have quite another composition.


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