Parrott flower

  Is there anyone who can give me more information on this flower, someone sent me these pictures, and I think I need one in my garden A FLOWER FROM THAILAND THE PARROT FLOWER  

Are they the same?

All, I’ve noticed that several people grow N.’New Charm’ 10W-GWW. I wonder if it is the same as seedling clone WB866-10. Perhaps this number also appeared with supplied bulbs of ‘New Charm’? A key identification feature seems to be the…

Old daff terminology question

Howdy – Been reading some old 1800s daff catalog listings, and have come across one that I”ve no inkling what the modern descriptor is: The double “Tratus Cantus, or hundred leaved,” or “Stratus Cantus,” or just “Hundred leaved.” Thanks muchly~…


Twink is from the 1940’s and is a LOT darker than what I call Butter and Eggs and their variations. It multiplies like rabbits. Keith Kridler

Butter and Eggs

One of the common names for this one is Scrambled Eggs. There are normally two different color shades of this one found locally in East Texas. This is the lighter shade. Not sure if I have the slightly darker one…