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Pre Order for 2018 RHS Yearbook

September 13, 2018

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News from The American Daffodil Society

Welcome to another news brief from The American Daffodil Society (ADS). You may have received an email earlier this week because you have purchased past publications of the RHS Yearbook from the ADS.

Hurricane Gordon has traveled up into the central Midwest at this writing. We were ready for rain, the storm is not only leaving us with plenty of rain it is also ushering in the close of summer. We went from the lower 90s into the middle 60s overnight. Fall is definitely about here.

Fall means that the RHS Yearbook should be about ready to go to press. Mike Grant, the Contributing Editor for Specialist Publications, wrote me last Monday to say he expected the RHS Yearbook for 2018 to go to print near the end of September. He has high expectations they will ship shortly thereafter.

2018 RHS YearbookThe past procedure for distribution of the RHS Yearbook has been to ship the publication, with an invoice, to individuals on a RHS Yearbook pre-order list. To bring this process into line with other products sold and distributed by the ADS, I have set up a button on the ADS Webstore publications page where you may Pre-Order a copy of the RHS Yearbook.

If you are still interested in receiving the 2018 RHS Yearbook, please click on this “2018 Pre-Order RHS Yearbook link” to reserve your copy. The process for payment and distribution will be the same as other products ordered from the ADS Webstore.

Each year we plan to contact the ADS membership to let them know when the new RHS Yearbook is available for distribution.  I’m hoping this will encourage other members to order a copy also. Please let your colleagues and friends know about the availability of this excellent publication so they can pre-order their own copy.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve and strengthen the American Daffodil Society.

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