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Some silly fun and convention memories

January 12, 2018

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I came across this “story” today — something I wrote to help me pass my second ID Test in ADS Judges School II in 2002.  I had one incorrect item on the test of 25 cultivars or species we had to name with Division and Perianth Color out of a possible 35 flowers.  I got the name wrong for Squabble — I wrote down Quarrel instead (but got the Division and Perianth Color correct).  ;->

It all started with a Squabble 1 Y-Y over Pop’s Legacy 1 W-Y at the Silver Convention 1 W-W in Mexico City 2 Y-O.  The Catalyst 2 W-R was when Lennymore 2 Y-R Rushlight 2 Y-W sprinkled Accent 2 W-P on the Perimeter 3 Y-YYO of Tru’s 3 W-WWY plate of Butter and Eggs 4 Y-O.  Meanwhile, Irene Copeland 4 W-Y was in Fiji 4 Y-Y visiting Thalia 5 W-W, who had a sore throat.  On the recommendation of Hawera 5 Y-Y she fed her Lemon Drops 5 Y-Y until she was in a Rapture 6 Y-Y.  Pipit 7 YYW-W and Pixie’s Sister 7 Y-Y looked at the Sundial 7 Y-Y, saw it was late and grabbed their Castanets 8 Y-O right before the crew of the Minnow 8 W-Y dove down to retrieve Polly’s Pearl 8 W-W which was a present for La Fiancée 8 W-O.  Back at home Hoodsport 11a W-W studied Trigonometry 11a W-P in the Cool Evening 11a W-P.  I need to go Tricollet 11a W-P a bunch of N. moschatus 13 W-W now.

Does anyone else remember Mike Brook’s similar story (though a bit more polished!) at the Ft. Mitchell, KY (Cincinnati, OH) Convention in 2002?  The convention was at the Drawbridge Inn and he read a medieval story he wrote with everyone challenged to write down as many daffodil names mentioned in his tale as they could.  Many of us at the banquet that night wore medieval costumes.  Bill Lee ferried some of us coming from out of town to a costume shop and back.  I was a peasant girl (appropriate for my first convention) and sat with Queen Suzy Wert and Friar Weldon Childers.

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One Response to Some silly fun and convention memories

  1. Clay Higgins, North Carolina
    Clay Higgins, North Carolina
    January 13, 2018 at 5:32 am


    I was not at the 2002 Daff Convention.  However, I enjoyed your use of Daffodil names.