Phyllis Hess, Ohio

a little more on the subject of thanks

April 17, 2008

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Now that I can once again think this is what I would have said had I been able to talk/think Friday evening:
I would have thanked those who have mentored me through the years. Especially our Central Ohio Daffodil Society members who now count among us 2 Gold Medal winners; 4 Silver Medal winners and a Peter Barr winner. Of course that is Mary Lou Gripshover who is the triple winner, Peter Ramsay, Tag Bourne; Naomi Liggett and myself.
Quite a group there, I count myself lucky to have been asked to join them back in the day.
I would also have offered a special thanks to Handy Hatfield who taught me so much and to Barrie Kridler and Barry Nichols who also took me under their wings. 
And most especially to all those ADS members I count as friends.
Phyllis Hess

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