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March 2018 Daffodil Journal

Dear Daffodil Friends, It was wonderful to see many of you this past weekend in Nashville. I hope you have had safe travels and enjoyed the National Convention and Show.…

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VDS Show Richmond Continued.

In Richmond VA On Saturday. Best Intermediate was Watson Seedling 818 11aY-O.  Exhibited by Karen Cogar Best Small Grower was Ginter Genis 5Y-Y by Jane Earle.  Unfortunately by picture didn’t…

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seedling Color Codes

It did my heart good to see that Ice Follies 2W-W has off-spring that has Y and O in the color code.  I was laughed at  in the GCV show…

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Gloucester Daffodil Show Sat March 24th

Hi, My last post said I was going to the Gloucester, VA show with little to show.  That was today.  Never listen to me when I say I have nothing…

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Hybridizing problems

February 26, 2018

Some hybridizers give seedling numbers the minute they plant the seeds.  I usually keep the seedling under the cross name until they start blooming. Here’s a problem that I get…

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Single Chinese not sterile after all?

There are scientific journals out there that say  N. Tazetta ‘Chinese sacred lily’ or ‘Orientalis’ is sterile. This is because the plant is triploid with 30 chromosomes and this causes pollen…

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