How to Register for Daffnet

You must be a member of in order to create Posts and Comments.

To become a member, join Daffnet by following these steps:

Step 1 – Click the “Register” button

Hover your  mouse over the “Login” area on the right of the  green menu bar, and click on “Register” to display the Daffnet Registration Form.  The area of the menu bar looks like Image 1:

Image One

Step 2 – Enter your information on the registration form

Step 3 – Click the “Verification”  URL (in blue)

Image Three

Step 4 – Administrator Approval

You will not be able to login at this point because an administrator needs to approve your registration request first.

Please wait for your membership application approval

(This could take a couple of hours or occasionally a few days)

Approval is a manual process where an administrator reviews your information and decides to approve your membership or not. The administrator will likely approve your application if you have made a sincere effort to fill in the form information.

The time required for approval depends on our workload and the number of pending registration requests. Typical requests will be approved in a few hours but there are times it will take longer.

The information entered on a Registration Form is used by Daffnet administrators to determine if the request comes from a real person who is interested in daffodils.

We will not approve a registration request if we are not convinced.

Step 5 – Receive your Login Information

When your request is approved, you will receive an E-mail with the subject “Your login information” with specific login information and a URL link to the main Daffnet site page. The requester can now login to Daffnet by clicking on the “Login” button and entering the information provided in this E-mail.

Image 4 is a partial display of what the “Your Login Information” message would look like when viewing with the Thunderbird email program.  The link that you would need to mouse click will be the blue “ URL”.

Step 6 – Login to Daffnet

Enter your Username and Password provided in Step 5, then click the “Log in” button.

Image 5 is the Daffnet Login Screen which will be used this time for your first login and for all subsequent logins.

If you believe you meet our requirements, but you were unable to complete the registration steps, you may send a request to a Daffnet Administrator via our contact form by clicking here: Contact a Daffnet Administrator