How to Search

The Search, Calendar, and Archives panels are all intended to help you search or find a Post or message as quickly as possible.

The Search Panel can be used to find specific topics or content of interest to you.

If you are interested in how to recognize a virus on your foliage, you do not have to look at a myriad of messages about the topic of the moment. Instead, you can go directly to the Diseases & Pests category and review photos and descriptions or Search on the word “foliage” within this category.

A search is automatically limited to matches within the current category.  For example if you selected “Diseases and Pests” on the green menu bar, a search for “bulb” will match about 400 posts.  On the other hand, if you clicked the green menu bar “Home” button, a search for “bulb” will match  over 3,000 posts.

You can see all posts by a specific Author by clicking on a author’s name below a post title.  For example, using the the post titled  “robin and daffodils“, April 8, 2012, By Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland, you can see all posts by this author by clicking on By Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland.

The individual days of the Calendar are high-lighted when there are messages and you can see a list of those messages simply by rolling your mouse over that day without clicking, Click that day to see the messages in detail.

The Archives panel will enable you to easily select a past year and month, then you can select the day using the Calendar.