Photographs and discussions about seedlings.

N. bulbocodium x standard daffodils

I was interested in Theo Sanders piece about tetraploid N. b. graellsii crossing with standard  daffodils. I wonder if he means all graellsii are tetra ploid or just the larger…

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Crosses of tetraploid standard daffodils with N. bulbocodium graellsii are possible

June 5, 2018

   For many years hybridizers have tried to combine N. bulbocodium with standard daffodils. The success was minimal. Now a solution of the problem has been found: N. bulbocodium graellsii…

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Late Autumn

A nice selection of 7, 8 and 10’s are flowering here at the moment. The peachy color of 14_04MJ only develops when picked and brought inside.        Some jonquilla…

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A winning seedling at Belfast show

A seedling with Oregon Mother and a father from Northern Ireland. Needs a name? Suggestions ? Brian 3706 magician x diversity  

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Comments on Year 2018

Hi, The year 2018 in daffodils has been very interesting.  We actually slowed down this year and had more time to enjoy the show and the social aspect of the…

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March 2018 Daffodil Journal

Dear Daffodil Friends, It was wonderful to see many of you this past weekend in Nashville. I hope you have had safe travels and enjoyed the National Convention and Show.…

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