About Daffnet

Daffnet provides many benefits without the need to be a member or log into an account.

Features available to all Daffnet.org visitors:

Menu Bar

The green menu bar may become your favorite tool! It is the quickest way to see just posts and comments in a category without having to wade through subjects that do not interest you.


Based on our review of existing Daffnet messages, we selected categories for grouping all posts and messages. We anticipate our members will suggest additional categories as we all gain experience with the new Daffnet. Please let us know if you think of another useful category. All messages are placed in one or more categories that best suit the subject.

Primary categories, and their corresponding sub-categories are:

Search Feature

The Search, Calendar, and Archives panels are all intended to help you search or find a message as quickly as possible.

Perhaps the Search panel will be most appreciated. If you are interested in how to recognize a virus on your foliage, you do not have to look at a myriad of messages about the topic of the moment. Instead, you can go directly to the Diseases & Pests category and review photos and descriptions or Search on the word “foliage” within this category.

The individual days of the Calendar are high-lighted when there are messages and you can see a list of those messages simply by rolling your mouse over that day without clicking, Click that day to see the messages in detail.

The Archives panel will enable you to easily select a past year and month, then you can select the day using the Calendar.

Now that you know many things that you can do without logging in to Daffnet.org, it is time to talk about contributing content.

Features for logged in Daffnet.org members

Contribute your own Posts and messages.

Contributing Content

In order to contribute a post or comment, you must become a member by signing up to join Daffnet and be logged in. To do this, you will need an account and password.

The Daffnet.org “Help” panel has more detailed information about Registering and logging in.

A primary goal and advantage of this web-based forum is that everyone on the Internet will be able to learn from the interesting discussions, advice, scientific findings and beautiful photos sent by our members. We consider this a giant step towards continuing the American Daffodil Society’s mission to educate the public about daffodils.