Discussions and photographs about standard height daffodils.

2019 PHS Daffodils web store is open!

Greetings!   The 2019 PHS Daffodils web store is now open for the season.  Please have a look at  As ever, all orders will receive generous gratis bulbs—please indicate…

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Where were you when I needed you?

On returning from Minneapolis on Sunday I did a walk around to see what might have been. My large patch of Killearnan was in bud, having braved the snow (twice)…

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20 years wait

Thanks everyone for the photos and reports and congratulations to John Reed. Way back in 1999 some N. broussonetii seed generously sent to me by Harold Koopowitz was sown. Now,…

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A View of the Northern California Daffodil Society’s 2019 March Season

April 18, 2019

Our Bay Area 2018/2019 Fall weather was exceptionally mild – seemingly there was not enough chill to provide that needed for cultivars’ development and bloom for shows. Until late-January! The…

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Unknown Walmart daffodil

I bought a large number of clearance daffodils from local WalMart stores late last fall that were labeled ‘Jetfire’ and ‘Thalia’. I gave some bags away, planted some, and kept…

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Fencourt Jewel and Surfer Girl

I am coveting Fencourt Jewel and Surfer Girl. Are either or both available for sale in the US? Thanks, in advance!

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