Daffodil Types

Information and photographs about the primary categories of daffodils recognized around the world.

Winter bulbocodiums

Tazettas and the jonquil/viridiflorus hybrids like protection, so for me winter is bulbocodium season. This one may have an intersectional bulbocodium hybrid as a pollen parent. This one is Gold…

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2019 Season Early Interests .

We  are  about  a  week before  the  shortest  day  ;  we  have  had  a  few  cold  southerly  fronts  pass  through  but  the  autumn  has  been  warm  and  a  little dry…

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Identity for possible Historic

Dear all, Below is a request  from the Salt Lake City area.  These are daffodils his mother and grandmother grew. See  photos of the daffodils in question.  Below is additional…

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Need help with identity, please

Friends, I received a request from the UK for help identifying this flower.   It has 3 blooms on the stem, and a small orange-ish cup.  The gentleman says he planted…

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2019 PHS Daffodils web store is open!

Greetings!   The 2019 PHS Daffodils web store is now open for the season.  Please have a look at www.phsdaffodils.com.  As ever, all orders will receive generous gratis bulbs—please indicate…

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Rebloom in a paperwhite

A question put on Daffnet from Benjamin Whitacre about repeat flowering daffodils led to an interesting private correspondence. I have tried here to organise and add to my thoughts and…

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