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Winter bulbocodiums

Tazettas and the jonquil/viridiflorus hybrids like protection, so for me winter is bulbocodium season. This one may have an intersectional bulbocodium hybrid as a pollen parent. This one is Gold…

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Rebloom in a paperwhite

A question put on Daffnet from Benjamin Whitacre about repeat flowering daffodils led to an interesting private correspondence. I have tried here to organise and add to my thoughts and…

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20 years wait

Thanks everyone for the photos and reports and congratulations to John Reed. Way back in 1999 some N. broussonetii seed generously sent to me by Harold Koopowitz was sown. Now,…

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Autumn tazettas; seed

It is tazetta heaven here at the moment. The autumn has been very warm and very dry but, with the help of hand watering, the tazettas are thriving. Usually I…

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Summer census

February 27, 2019

By the end of summer 7 tazetta varieties have flowered: – two 8Y-O, one 8W-Y and four 8W-O. The first, 14_05T is quite nice. It still has a few florets…

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First Flowers Downunder

This year most of the tazettas were planted early, shaded, and watered. In spite of high temperatures one seedling 14_05T has flowered earlier than any daffodil has flowered here. It…

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