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Amity show – Miniature Gold Ribbon winner

April 8, 2008

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I am chagrined to find in fussing with my new camera and flash (instead of the floodlights I used at the Livermore, Murphys, and Fortuna show) that I inadvertently set my camera aperture to wide open. I finally resorted to photographing under the fluorescent lights (yielding shadows that go straight down), but the major problem is that exhbites with depth are not in focus from the front all the way to the back. Nevertheless, the Amity, Oregon show has not gotten much publicity on Daffnet, so I’ll post what I’ve got.
I actually posted them all earlier this week, but due to a new e-mail protocol called “Sender Policy Framework”, they were rejected by the Daffnet server. I thank Ben Blake for investigating and explaining to me what went wrong. When the sending mail server uses the protocol, a receiving mail server (like Daffnet) can reject an e-mail where the sender’s claimed address is not consistent with the sending server. I’ve always given my address as because that’s where I want replies to go. However, I sent the postings through Comcast which is my internet service provider. So now I must post using a Comcast return address, but don’t send me mail at Comcast because I’ll not generally be looking for mail there.
Since I will be leaving for the World Daffodil Tour tomorrow, I don’t have time to retype all the commentary that accompanied my initial posting of the Amity images. I may not be able to post all the images before I go and will have to do the rest after I return. I will also skip listing all the cultivars in the collections in order to save time, but I do have that information available. The Quinn collection will be the last in the series of postings. If you don’t see it in the next day, it means the series will continue next month.
The first image in the series is of English Garden 7Y-Y exhibited by Walter Blom. It is a selection from Narcissus rupicola.
Kirby Fong

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