Tom Stettner, Ohio

Chillicothe (Adena) Ohio Show

April 16, 2008

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For the Purposes of this show, I will refer to it as “Adena”. The venue changed a few years ago and has been moved to a very nice Church close to downtown Chillicothe. This is a 2 hour drive for me and ends up being a very long day. Since the show judging didn’t begin until after lunch and entries didn’t close till after 11:30, the show is later opening to the public than I’m accustomed to. Afterwards, I needed to setup all the photo equipment and improvise on the background attachment. This was all made a bit easier because Linda Wallpe was gracious enough to help me with the record keeping as I took the photos. So, THANK YOU Linda!!..
The Gold Ribbon winner was “Work of Art” a 7W-P taken from the winning Havens award and exhibited by first time Gold Ribbon Winner Alice Foglesong. Congrats Alice!!.. I’m very busy today with other Chores, so I might not get all of these photos sent to Daffnet, AND I still have quite a few to edit from the Convention Show. So, there’s still lots of photos to come!.

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