Tom Stettner, Ohio

trying again: Southwest Ohio Daffodil Society Show (Mini Gold)

April 7, 2008

Categories: Show Results, Societies and groups

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The message didn’t come through last night so I’m trying again with a couple of modifications.
> Hello All.. > This weekend is a very early schedule for our society to hold the > show, so consequently, our local members had very few flowers to > enter. Luckily Becky Fox Mathews and Lynn Ladd, both from Tennessee > brought all the flowers they could to help us have a successful show. > WE THANK YOU Lynn and Becky ! ! ! > > I’m VERY busy today but have just completed most all of the photos > from our show and will send just this little adorable Mini Gold for > now. I’ll post the rest within the next couple of days before we leave > for convention. > > The Mini Gold was selected as N. Triandrus Concolor that was taken > from the lavender winner exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover. > > Tom Stettner >

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