George Dorner, Illinois

Wish we had been there.

April 25, 2008

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Jan and others:

Mary and I were very sorry to miss the big doings over there, but we had to hang around here for our show which begins tomorrow. Since the national ADS convention will be here next year, we wanted to be sure everything looked good to the Chicago Botanic Garden staff and officers.
We were worried that there would not be enough blooms, but we have been saved by the Missouri Show Me folks, Beth Holbrooke, Gary Knehans, Cindy Haeffner and John Beck, who is almost a Missourian. They are a show all by themselves, so we are assured of a nice show for the public and for our members.
We have enjoyed the photos of the World Tour and we look forward to hearing details from our lucky friends who made the trip.

George Dorner

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