June 7, 2008

Categories: General, Non-Daffodil

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I grow pots of stuff on a gravel area between my driveway and the sidewalk.  This is a cluster of some of the pots.  I don’t keep up with the names of any of it.  I just put things in that I like the look of and that I am reasonably sure will survive the brutal sun and heat and neglect they will have to endure if we are traveling in the summer.  The pot on the right surprised me this year by starting to bloom on these long fingers.  They had been neat little short rose buds of green with what looked like spider webs on the top but they took off and are now at least six inches long. 
And they are starting to flower.  Fine with me, but what will happen after they bloom??  Will the whole thing die?  Do I cut them off? 

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