Keith Kridler, Texas

fresh load dropped on n. Odorus

June 5, 2008

Categories: Fertilizing, General, Growing Daffodils, Soil

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As you can see timing of the fertilizer application is critical! If you wait just a couple of weeks too late when you apply the fresh fertilizer to the daffodils, the foliage is up too high and you will mash down the stems of the daffodils. This cannot be good for the plants as it will take most of the summer for this to break down so that the N-P-K in the patty will be available for the plant roots. Also notice the height of these spring applied cow patties are really thin as the fresh green grass messes up the digestive systems of the cows and they contain a LOT more water than the winter applied cow patties that are produced from dry hay and grains. KK

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