John McLennan, New Zealand


July 14, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics

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Hi Daffnetters,I will post a few historics this week, most are well established as cutflowers for market in our area, which is noted for its early season.
  First a suggestion for Linda Wallpe.
 Most of the stock of new varietiesreleased by Rosewarne Research Center were purchased by the Cornish Area Bulbgrowers Association.
 Ron Scamp is active in this group and was ,about 10 years ago , listing Tamara in his catologue.
 I,m not sure if he still lists it , but worth a try.
Tamara  — – is it a river in Cornwall and perhaps a Cornish word?.
Ptolemy  1 w  y is still grown fofr market by about  6  growers in our area.
Always early , it is a very hardy sort and one of the most consistent openners in very cold, frosty weather.
 In the 50,s  60 s and  70,s before Malvern City became the dominant early cutflower,Ptolemy was verly sort after.
A strong, good length stem, big flower, attractive soft colours,  old style twisted elegant appearance.

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