July 3, 2008

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Hello everyone
A few weeks ago I asked for some photos to use in a talk which I entitled ‘European Musings’ I talked about the use of native NZ plants in British gardens, new cultivars, topiary gardens, Keukenhof and the Dutch bulb fields. About 60 attended Tuesday night (7* frost overnight) and about 200 on Wednesday morning. You should have heard the oohs and aahs when photos of Keukenhof and Jan’s bulb fields came up. For Keukenhof I concentrated on the use of muscari and its new hybrids and from Jan’s the hyacinths and their uses as seen at Keukenhof and when grown in containers at various sights around Holland.
My special thanks to those who sent the photos which made this talk very well received.
Keith has showed photos of his daffodil beds in summer. In daffodil terms it sounds more PC to say they are covered in ‘natural mulch.’ I firmly believe the natural mulch keeps the bulbs cool over summer and is much better for their health. However, now that my weeds are better controlled here, I’m looking at overplanting with something like marigolds.

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