John McLennan, New Zealand


July 10, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Hybridizing, Seedling, Standards

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Hi  Daffnetters,
  Thanks Bill Welch for details on those beautiful tazettas.
  An interesting sdlg to view tonight.  Seedling  99  –  30  – to be registered as  First  Red
  Bred  from two  redcup sdlgs  –  88 – 22 [Erlibrite  x  Scorcher]  x  88  –  23  [ Scorcher  x  Cinel ]
  Erlibrite  is a named variety I imported from Hancocks  Vic  Australia in 1981  and  1982  and recieved it with two different names.
  It,s either Bright  Lad  or  Bright  Lass  –  will post pictures in about two weeks when it flowers.  Daffseek is currently not helpful.
  First Red  has been flowering for about 3 weeks with only a couple of blooms to go.
  This extremely early for a standard daff , particularly a redcup.
  It has an unusual habit of sending  up a lot of bud ,then stem and is often almost breaking bub before leaves appear.
  Two siblings flowering about two weeks  have normal growth habits, currently with plenty of leaf and buds just rising above them.
  The flower resembles Scorcher in form, but is a little hooded, not opening very flat.
  Good cup and perianth colour strong stem and neck, it is going well for both Graeme Phillips and myself.
  IT is also acclimatising in Plessant Valley N  Z  and in Cornwall.
  Photos for Daffseek.


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