Jaydee Ager, Georgia

an appeal to longtime ADS members

October 20, 2008

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ADS members, I am in the process of seeing how many full sets of ADS Journals I can assemble.  Through the years, previous Executive Directors have attempted to keep a few copies of each Journal, catalogued chronologically, into boxes.   In addition to these copies, we also have bound into hardback like books, all of the Journals.  But I would like to fill in the blanks that I have found on some issues, and see how many full sets I can produce.  The very early issues are the ones that we have the least of.  And as I go along with this project, I may find other “holes”.  So for those of you longtime ADS members that may be looking to downsize, etc., I would like to encourage you to donate your Journals back to ADS.  I’m not yet sure what we might do with all the sets I can assemble, but know that they would be utilized in a method that I believe you would approve of.  So please let me hear from you if you would be interested in donating your Journal collection.  And I will be back in touch with specific issues that I am after, to complete sets.  Many thanks, friends.


Jaydee Atkins Ager

Executive Director

American Daffodil Society, Inc.

www.daffodilusa.org  www.daffodilusastore.org  www.daffseek.org

PO Box 522

Hawkinsville, GA  31036  USA


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