Lesley Ramsay, New Zealand

NDC Late Show

October 4, 2008

Category: Show Results

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Hello All,


Last show of the season in the North – the Northern Daffodil Club Late Show.  There were 500 plus flowers exhibited, over 90per cent from refrigerators.  Three flowers for you to look at


  1. Best Bloom Cameo Rebel exhibited by P and L Ramsay
  2. Novice Champion, Savoir Faire exhibited by Lisa Watkins
  3. Premier 3Y, Triple Crown exhibited by David Knight


Cameo Rebel has had a very good year – late flowering so very valuable in a season which ran two – three weeks early from beginning to end.


The other two are Brian Duncan raised – usually not out until mid October.


Lisa Watkins is a Year Three exhibitor and is headed for the top – good to see someone from the late Mavis Verry’s district doing well.


Triple Crown was the first and only bloom exhibited by new grower David Knight.  To get a premier bloom over three top level National exhibitors was quite a feat!  We are sure he will be back!


Everything finished in the garden, onto the roses!







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