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October 22, 2008

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·  I have been advised by RHS Sales, as of today, that I will not have the RHS Yearbooks and Supplements to the Daffodil Register, until at least the end of NOV.  I was holding up sending out orders for various items, hoping to include everything in one box, and thereby saving postage.  There will have to be a separate mailing.  So for those of you attending the ADS Fall Board Meeting (FBM), OCT 31-NOV 1, unfortunately, I won’t have the RHS Yearbooks that soon.  If you have a standing order for this publication package, it will be on the way to you as soon as I receive both.  And for those that would like the publication package, the price is $36, the same as last year.  We order a small amount, so if you want the publication, you should place your advance order now.   I understand there will be a review about the Yearbook in the DEC ADS Journal, and that the Yearbook is, as always, top notch.


·  We have sold all of the 2008 RHS Daffodil Registers that we had ordered.


·  I will have the ADS Daffodil Data Banks by the end of this week.  The price for the Data Bank is the same as last year, $35, which includes postage.  There is limited seasonal availability on the Data Bank, and you must place an advance order before they are all gone.


·  So for those of you awaiting an order to be mailed, they will go out, library rate, within the next 3-4 business days.  Library rate goes a little slow, so be patient. 


·  I still intend to bring orders to everyone attending the ADS FBM. 


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